GR - LEGAL Performace Details

Plugin's Update Details :

List Of Plugins : Update :
Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced)Up-To-Date
Better Search ReplaceUp-To-Date
Category Order and Taxonomy Terms OrderUp-To-Date
Classic EditorUp-To-Date
Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode, Landing Pages & WordPress Website Builder by SeedProdNeeds to update from 6.12.2 to 6.13.1
Custom API for WPUp-To-Date
Download PluginUp-To-Date
GA DashboardUp-To-Date
Google AuthenticatorUp-To-Date
Google Search ConsoleUp-To-Date
Google Website TranslatorUp-To-Date
Health Check & TroubleshootingUp-To-Date
iThemes SecurityUp-To-Date
MainWP ChildNeeds to update from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3
MainWP Child ReportsUp-To-Date
Monarch PluginUp-To-Date
MonsterInsights ProUp-To-Date
New Relic BrowserUp-To-Date
NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-PosterUp-To-Date
Password ProtectedUp-To-Date
Public Post PreviewUp-To-Date
Really Simple SSLUp-To-Date Image OptimizerUp-To-Date
Site Kit by GoogleUp-To-Date
SSL Insecure Content FixerUp-To-Date
String LocatorUp-To-Date
Wordpress ReportUp-To-Date
WordPress REST API AuthenticationUp-To-Date
WP Activity LogUp-To-Date
WP All ImportUp-To-Date
WP All Import - Yoast WordPress SEO Add-OnUp-To-Date
WP Custom Admin InterfaceUp-To-Date
WP Engine Smart Plugin ManagerUp-To-Date
WP File ManagerUp-To-Date
WPForms LiteNeeds to update from to
WP Mail SMTPUp-To-Date
WP RollbackUp-To-Date
WPS Hide LoginUp-To-Date
WPS Limit LoginUp-To-Date
Yoast Duplicate PostUp-To-Date
Yoast SEOUp-To-Date

Theme's Update Details :

List of Themes : Update :
astra child themeUp-To-Date
AstraNeeds to update from 1.0.2 to 3.8.5
GR LegalUp-To-Date
Twenty NineteenUp-To-Date
Twenty TwentyUp-To-Date

Wordpress's Update Details :

Wordpress Current Version : Wordpress Latest Version : Update :
Wordpress Current Version : 5.9.3Wordpress Latest Version : 6.0Needs to update from 5.9.3 to

Security & Performance Details :

Status: Total items with no issues detected Recommended : Critical : Update :
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Google Search Console:

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Top Queries:Date :Clicks:Impressions:CTR:Position:
gr legal2022-06-30160.17%6
gr legal2022-07-03111.00%3
family lawyers in rowville2022-06-28010.00%7
family lawyers in rowville2022-06-29010.00%7
family lawyers in rowville2022-06-30010.00%7
family lawyers in rowville2022-07-01010.00%7
family lawyers in rowville2022-07-02010.00%7
family lawyers in rowville2022-07-03010.00%7
family lawyers rowville2022-06-28010.00%5
family lawyers rowville2022-06-30030.00%6
family lawyers rowville2022-07-01010.00%5
family lawyers rowville2022-07-02010.00%5
family lawyers rowville2022-07-03020.00%5
gr law2022-06-29010.00%6
gr legal2022-06-28040.00%8
gr legal2022-06-29070.00%7
gr solicitors2022-06-29010.00%52
gr solicitors2022-07-01010.00%54
lawyers in rowville2022-06-28020.00%5
lawyers in rowville2022-06-29040.00%5
lawyers in rowville2022-06-30020.00%5
lawyers in rowville2022-07-01020.00%5
lawyers in rowville2022-07-02010.00%5
lawyers in rowville2022-07-03020.00%5
legal gr2022-07-03010.00%2
ltd lawyers near me2022-07-01010.00%3

iTheme Security Details (Logs) :

Module :Type :Description :Time :Host :
Notification CenterDebug 23:51:59
about 2 hours ago
LockoutAction 23:51:59
about 2 hours ago
Brute ForceNotice 23:51:59
about 2 hours ago
Brute ForceNotice 23:51:56
about 2 hours ago
Brute ForceNotice 23:51:53
about 2 hours ago
Brute ForceNotice 23:51:50
about 2 hours ago
Brute ForceNotice 23:51:47
about 2 hours ago
Notification CenterDebug 17:52:57
about 8 hours ago
LockoutAction 17:52:57
about 8 hours ago
Brute ForceNotice 17:52:57
about 8 hours ago
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